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Bug#348061: [Pkg-cups-devel] Bug#348061: cupsys: pdftops conversion fails on transparency in PDF-files

Thank you for your report. 

la, 2006-01-14 kello 15:17 +0100, Peter Griffin kirjoitti:
> Package: cupsys
> Version: 1.1.23-12
> Severity: important
> When printing PDF files with transparent object, the transparency is
> broken due to the pdftops conversion in the cups printing process.
> To add some detail, I am printing from a Mac OS X client to a Debian
> Cups-server via the automatic printer detection. The PDF File seems to
> be passed to the cups-server, which converts the PDF-file to PS by
> utilizing xdpf-utils's pdftops. Although, xdpf is able to process
> transparency since version 3.01 and does display the pdf file
> correctly, pdftops fails.
> I wasn't quite sure to where to report this bug (xpf-utils?). But, I
> decided to send it to cupsys because the error affects my cups
> printserver.

This is a known issue with xpdf (and its derivatives such as gpdf). IIRC
recent libpoppler (the library forked off xpdf) recently fixed this. 

> By the way, pdf2ps and acroread -toPostScript process correct PS-files
> retaining the transparency.

We cannot use acroread because it's non-free and architecture-specific.
However, pdf2ps comes from gs-common, which is free, so it might work. 

It should also be noted that Ubuntu has switched to poppler-utils (not
yet available in Debian) for CUPS, which could be another solution.

> Files presenting the problem can be found here:
> http://esme.homelinux.org/files/cups-transparency/


Martin-Éric Racine

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