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Re: Off-Topic: G5 Open Firmware instability

Hi Tony,

On 13.05.22 01:11, tonyj@suse.de wrote:
Overheating is common and I'm aware of the process to try to fix it
but my concern is that the machine has also become totally unstable
in Open Firmware (OF).

Have you already looked below the cover of the cooling system? Is there
any visible leakage (remove power before looking into that)? Even if
not, it could be that the water cooler is missing some liquid after that
much time which could limit its performance.

Other things that come to my mind:

* Have you checked that the radiator of the cooling system is not
cluttered with dust?

UPDATE: Or maybe the pump(s) is/are defective?

I've tried all of the usual fixes,  remove CMOS battery, power off
for a day, clear NVRAM,  boot holding down power key to go thru
programmers tone into OF.  This dinking is what made it worse :)

Has anyone experienced similar?  Maybe I'm wrong but the OF hangs
don't strike me as the same overheating issue.

Not sure about that. I currently have no 11,2 G5 at hand to verify - I
have a single CPU 2.3 Ghz one but it's in storage - but I assume the
CPUs could run unconstrained in OF. And if your cooling solution can't
remove the heat fast enough that could lead to hangs.

Say do you hear the fans speeding up over time?

You can "force" the fans to run on full speed by removing the
transparent cover. Maybe that could make a difference. If it runs better
or longer that way, I'd say there's definitely something wrong with your
cooling system.


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