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Re: Off-Topic: G5 Open Firmware instability

On Fri, May 13, 2022 at 03:58:08PM +0200, Frank Scheiner wrote:
> Hi Tony,


> Have you already looked below the cover of the cooling system? Is 
> there any visible leakage (remove power before looking into that)? 

Yes and no.

> not, it could be that the water cooler is missing some liquid after that
> much time which could limit its performance.

/sys/devices/platform/windfarm.0 reports 

backside-fan: 1100
backside-temp: 57.000
cpu-current-0: 7.566
cpu-current-1: 8.054
cpu-current-2: 9.277
cpu-current-3: 9.886
cpufreq-clamp: 0
cpu-front-fan-0: 3104
cpu-front-fan-1: 3104
cpu-power-0: 9.291
cpu-power-1: 9.891
cpu-power-2: 12.706
cpu-power-3: 13.179
cpu-pump-0: 3584
cpu-pump-1: 3584
cpu-rear-fan-0: 3200
cpu-rear-fan-1: 3200
cpu-temp-0: 39.265
cpu-temp-1: 39.625
cpu-temp-2: 66.046
cpu-temp-3: 70.515
cpu-voltage-0: 1.228
cpu-voltage-1: 1.228
cpu-voltage-2: 1.369
cpu-voltage-3: 1.333

Clearly cpus 2/3 are running hotter.  I need to try disabling
them (kernel cmd line or at runtime) and see if cpus 0/1 start
running as hot. 

> * Have you checked that the radiator of the cooling system is not
> cluttered with dust?


> Say do you hear the fans speeding up over time?

No.  The onty time I hear the fan speed up is if the machine hangs,
then about 45-60 seconds later it will go full.

> You can "force" the fans to run on full speed by removing the
> transparent cover. 

I have tried this.  No change.

> or longer that way, I'd say there's definitely something wrong with 
> your cooling system.

Clearly there is. My concern however is that I have two issues and
the OF one is distinct from the cooling one. The machine can boot into 
the existing Linux (from SATA) and stay up indefinitely (if load av < 
1.5) but from a cold boot, will hang in OF in under 1 minute.  Maybe 
Forth is a real resource hog :-)

My hope in posting this was that I'd find someone on this list who was
knowledgable about the underlying hardware.  My concern is that I'll
burn the time fixing the cooling and still be left with this OF issue.

Tony Jones
SUSE Kernel Performance Team

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