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Re: Altivec in baseline for ppc64?

On 7/15/21 5:49 PM, Christian Zigotzky wrote:
> I disagree too because the performance of software with AltiVec support isn't as
> high as expected. I tested it a lot because we have AltiVec and Non-Altivec machines
> here. We changed to Non-AltiVec compiled software a while ago.

It depends on the workload, of course. Anything that does SIMD like matrix multiplications
in multimedia or scientific computing will, of course, profit from enabling AltiVec.

No one claimed that AltiVec, MMX or SSE will just improve everything.

> We and the MintPPC team had some problems with the VLC media player on our Non-AltiVec
> machines a year ago because it is only available in an AltiVec version.
> The MintPPC team had to recompile it. [1]
> We also had to recompile the version 3.0.12 of VLC because of the AltiVec dependency again. [2]

I would argue that there are far more users with PowerMacs which all support AltiVecs than
with obscure embedded machines. As I said, some packages like nss2 already enabled AltiVec
by default.


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