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Re: Bug#741663: linux-image-3.13-1-powerpc-smp: therm_windtunnel does not load correctly

On Tue, Apr 27, 2021, at 12:15 AM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:> 
> On 4/27/21 8:54 AM, Rick Thomas wrote:
> > I'll look around and see if I have any MDD (mirror drive door -- the type in the
> > original bugreport) machines.  If so, I'll try to find some time to install Adrian's
> > latest and report back.
> OK, thank you. Maybe someone else with a machine that previously had 
> this issue can also
> comment so that we can be sure the issue has been fixed.
> Rick, maybe you can check whether the windfarm module(s) get(s) loaded 
> on your machine?
> # lsmod |grep windfarm

On the G4 (which is _not_ the MDD) I get nothing from that

On the G5 I get:

rbthomas@kmac:~$ lsmod | grep wind
windfarm_smu_sat        8626  0
windfarm_ad7417_sensor     7755  0
windfarm_fcu_controls    12227  0
windfarm_cpufreq_clamp     3881  0
windfarm_pm72          14329  0
windfarm_pid            3256  1 windfarm_pm72
windfarm_lm75_sensor     5350  0
windfarm_max6690_sensor     4600  0
windfarm_core          11920  7 windfarm_cpufreq_clamp,windfarm_fcu_controls,windfarm_max6690_sensor,windfarm_smu_sat,windfarm_ad7417_sensor,windfarm_pm72,windfarm_lm75_sensor

Hope that helps.

PS: I do have a MDD, but I haven't yet tried Adrian's latest on it.  Maybe later today, maybe it'll have to wait for the weekend.

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