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Re: Update on Rage 128 support?

On 4/18/21 2:16 PM, Riccardo Mottola wrote:> Hi,
> On 4/15/21 5:53 PM, Alex McKeever wrote:
>> As in, are the drivers actually working now? The last time we discussed
>> this, someone built it and it didn’t seem to work. This effects all Linux
>> distributions, including Adelie, which is a new distribution that uses an
>> APK package format (not Android though).

Well, I cannot just fix all the issues alone, there should be some other people
helping me out. If Adelie has a PowerPC port, I would expect them to fix bugs
as well and forward their patches upstream so that the issue gets fixed on all

> Ii you tweak your Xorg by disabling a lot of stuff, it should work. I have ATI
> 64 working on my iBook G3... admitted, about 1 year ago it was working much
> better... I don't know if Adrian did some work lately though.

There was no mach64 driver anymore in Debian one year ago. However, recently,
Adrian Bunk adopted the driver and among others and it's now available for
installation again.

> I need to check if I have some x86 hardware with a Rage 128. Playing with 16bit
> 24bit, shadowFB and hardware mouse helps usually getting something decent out of
> these older cards.

You should test on PowerPC and report bugs upstream if you find any if you want
issue to get fixed.

> A similar fate is suffering the S3 Virge, not used in any Mac, but used in prominent
> x86 laptops and I think also some Amiga PPC cards... wonder if Adrian works on them
> too?

Amiga PowerPC is a completely different platform and support for it is currently not
even in the kernel.


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