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Re: Update on Rage 128 support?


On 4/15/21 5:53 PM, Alex McKeever wrote:
As in, are the drivers actually working now? The last time we discussed this, someone built it and it didn’t seem to work. This effects all Linux distributions, including Adelie, which is a new distribution that uses an APK package format (not Android though).

Ii you tweak your Xorg by disabling a lot of stuff, it should work. I have ATI 64 working on my iBook G3... admitted, about 1 year ago it was working much better... I don't know if Adrian did some work lately though. I need to check if I have some x86 hardware with a Rage 128. Playing with 16bit 24bit, shadowFB and hardware mouse helps usually getting something decent out of these older cards.

A similar fate is suffering the S3 Virge, not used in any Mac, but used in prominent x86 laptops and I think also some Amiga PPC cards... wonder if Adrian works on them too?


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