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Re: Current status on grub-installer on PowerMac

On 16/04/2021 06:50, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

On 4/16/21 1:27 AM, Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:
Yeah. From what I can see from links [1] and [2] I'd expect this to be working now.
Let me run an install of the latest ISO here, since then I can then use a debugger
on QEMU/OpenBIOS to find out what the problem may be.
The main problem I found was that starting from a blank drive image in QEMU the
/boot/grub HFS partition wasn't being created - see the attached PNGs where part-original.png
is the layout from the default guided installation and part-modified.png is after I had
manually removed the / partition, added the /boot/grub HFS partition (I guess a 32MB size?)
and then assigned the remaining space to the / partition once again.
# grub-install --macppc-directory=/boot/grub/

(this installed /boot/grub/System/Library/CoreServices/BootX which was missing before?)

Your machine is obviously not detected as a New World PowerMac and thus, none of the mechanisms for
New World PowerMacs are applied. If archdetect doesn't show you're on a "powerpc/powermac_newworld",
neither the automatic partioning nor the installation of GRUB for PowerMacs is triggered correctly.

I see, thanks - my confusion was that the old installer used to always set up the partitioning regardless of the machine type and so it was possible to boot on both an Old World and a New World machine.

Are Old World Macs no longer supported?

# umount /boot/grub/
# hmount /dev/sda3
Volume name is "untitled"
Volume was created on Thu Apr 15 20:51:52 2021
Volume was last modified on Thu Apr 15 21:48:40 2021
Volume has 22705664 bytes free
root@debian:/boot# hls
fonts             grub.cfg          locale            powerpc-ieee1275
grub              grubenv           mach_kernel       System
# hattrib -b :System:Library:CoreServices
# hattrib -c chrp -t tbxi :System:Library:CoreServices:BootX

So, I thought setting the filetype isn't necessary?

I think it shouldn't be - I can test later but mostly I just wanted to use something that was known to work so I could debug the boot process.



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