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Re: Kernel broken for Apple powerbooks

Il giorno mar, 01/09/2020 alle 12.17 +0200, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz
ha scritto:
> Hi Guiseppe!
> On 9/1/20 9:30 AM, Giuseppe Sacco wrote:
> > > Let me try it on my on Apple iBook G4 first though.
> > 
> > did you try on your machine?
> Not yet. I wasn't home the past days. Will try it today.
> > BTW, it seems this patch will be included
> > in upstream version 5.9-rc4.
> What patch? Did the kernel guys already fix the problem?

no, the one that disable VMAP_STACK on ppc32 with PMU. And it will be
included in 5.8-stable, as well.


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