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Re: Updated installation images for Debian Ports 2019-11-22

On 11/22/19 8:57 PM, Jeroen Diederen wrote:
> I thought that it would not make a difference if you boot via Grub or yaboot.

How do you know?

> I am not modifying anythin in the installer. I only change the bootloader.
That could mean anything. If you are replacing the initrd and the kernel, for
example, you are breaking everything.

If you are making any modifications to an image, you should mention that and
explain in detail what you did. Otherwise we are running into the risk that
I keep trying to find a bug that doesn't really exist.

I also don't understand what your point is: If you want to use Yaboot, use
the image from the 10.0 folder. This one still uses Yaboot, also for the
bootloader for the installed system.

The current images won't install on a PowerMac anyway unless you understand
how to fix GRUB yourself after the installation has finished.


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