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Breaking ABI changes on Rust for powerpc


Just a quick heads-up (and somewhat a reminder for myself in the future):

There was a bug in the ABI code of the Rust compiler on powerpc that was recently fixed
upstream. This particular ABI bug resulted in the Rust compiler crashing when trying
to build Firefox on powerpc.

Since the fix changes the ABI in an incompatible way, the Rust compiler will
have to be re-bootstrapped via cross-compiling on powerpc once the version with
the fixes lands in Debian.

I assume it will be 1.40 to carry the patch. So, if this version will FTBFS on
powerpc, we know why and we know what to do. I assume that will also mean we have
to schedule binNMUs for all packages built by the Rust compiler.


> [1] https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/commit/e648aa8e89f4d30dd1e7242de0ce1fd660bfd422

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