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sid installer images with LXDE desktop environment

Hi all,

Is it possible to create an installer image which installs a sid LXDE desktop environment for powerpc and ppc64 ? I have been looking at ways to create such an image myself from a local mirror with debian-cd but I don't have the right knowledge to do this.

The problem I am having is that very often when I want to install a sid LXDE environment on one of my Macs, the netinstaller stops the installation process as some package is missing from Debian-ports. For example, the last couple of this it stops at installing vim-tiny in sid powerpc.

If I have an installer image which installs the LXDE desktop environment, I am no longer dependent on the state of Debian-ports.

Is there someone who would could do this for me or would like to help me achieve this ?

Best regards,
Jeroen Diederen

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