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Re: Debian for an old IBM

Ok, I found here how to do this... really simple!!
just replace "squeeze" with "wheezy" in /etc/apt/sources.list


Alexandre S. Bencz
+55 {15} 991-707-384
On 21/10/2019 13:19, Alexandre Bencz wrote:

I successfully installed Debian 6, and in the repository I used the 'archive.debian.org', my question now is, how can I do the dist-upgrade?

Alexandre S. Bencz
+55 {15} 991-707-384
On 21/10/2019 10:25, Alexandre Bencz wrote:

With Debian 6 installer, it's worked like a charm!!

Alexandre S. Bencz
+55 {15} 991-707-384
On 21/10/2019 10:01, Alexandre Bencz wrote:

Thanks Michael and John!!

I tried on another 44p that I have, which has updated firmware (rather, it is in the latest version ...), with Debian 3, the system did not find the OS, I tried again with debian 8, and the SMS identified the operating system, but at boot time the following error occurs:

Word called in boot-manager package not found

Alexandre S. Bencz
+55 {15} 991-707-384
On 21/10/2019 09:15, Michael Howard wrote:
On 21/10/2019 11:18, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
Hi Alexandre!

On 10/21/19 12:09 PM, Alexandre Bencz wrote:
I have one old IBM 7044-170 and I would like to install Debian on it,
what is the latest supported version for this server?
Since this is a POWER3 system, kernel support is long gone [1], so you
need to use a Debian version with a kernel prior 3.17. Wheezy should
work and Jessie probably as well.

I tried with version 8.10 and when trying to boot, SMS informs that
there is no operating system on the CD ...
Are you confident the CD was burned properly and the drive works?

Otherwise, you can try a netboot installation [1].


[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2002/07/msg00858.html

The lastest installer I found to work was actually Woody, but there are other ways of installing, obviously. Once installed they could be upgraded. The are noisy, power hungry beasts.

I've just skipped four of these, with debian and aix5 installed. Also skipperd a 270. Were offered free to good home on the debian lists but no interest.


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