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Re: Failed install attempt - GRUB issue - hfsprogs missing?

Hi Riccardo,

On 7/4/19 20:36, Riccardo Mottola wrote:
Up to know, I followed you step after step.

Now that everything is prepared you can use `grub-install` to install
GRUB onto the HFS bootstrap partition (taken and adapted from [2]):

grub-install --macppc-directory=/boot/grub

Now this fails: no grub-install!

That was unexpected.

I read the grub-installer in the "rescue CD" and found out it should
have installed grub-1275 but probabaly the installer aborted before.

Strange, it should have aborted only after the call to
`mk-hfs-bootstrap.sh`. But doesn't matter, you figured out, what to do.

I installed it with all dependencies (grub-common was already there).

It executed without errors.

Reboot... hold mouse button to eject cd and cross fingers!

No boot.. no disk recognized.. an a check for available boot disk with
"option" shows nothing to boot from.

Keeping the `ofpath` as `ofpathname` symlink could help to avoid
problems with wrong OF paths during future package upgrades of the GRUB

I will leave it in, then.


I reboot from the rescue CD again and "check" what's on the target disk
now again.

I install parted and check sda, filesystem 2 says  now hfs with "Boot"

I mount /dev/hda2 to /boot/grub

ls shows me
System fonts grub grubenv locale mach_kernel powerpc-ieee1275

sounds nice?

Looks like everything is there, though I didn't recognize `mach_kernel`
in the past.

ofpathname /dev/sda2 tells me exactly

do you like it? sounds like second partition of an ATA disk :)

Just for safety I run

nvsetenv boot-device "$( ofpath /dev/sda2 ),\grub"

tells me:
nvram --print-config=boot-device

and voilà at this attempt I get the boot prompt, no menu!

Ok, makes sense, I didn't anticipate this, sorry. I think a call to
`update-grub` from a rescue shell in the root FS (make sure `/dev/sda2`
is mounted as `/boot/grub`!) should create the GRUB config file for you.

Now I don't know how to boot and I suppose there is no menu

Shouldn't grub-install take care of that?

No, apparently not.

How can I fix this step?

See above.

I still wonder that "option" to boot doesn't list the hard disk as
bootable... so we still a couple of things :)

Maybe this requires additional steps. But your system should be bootable
from OF anyhow with `boot-device` set to the correct device and GRUB
image. You can set `auto-boot?` to true and use `reset-all` afterwards
and your system should automatically boot from then on.


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