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Re: Failed install attempt - GRUB issue - hfsprogs missing?

On 7/2/19 4:32 PM, Frank Scheiner wrote:
> There's no UDEB for hfsprogs which would allow handling HFS from the
> installer environment so we need to resort to using the tools from the
> hfsprogs DEB package from inside the target root FS during installation.

Please file a bug against hfsprogs if we need a udeb although it could be
that this bug report gets rejected because powerpc and ppc64 are not
release architectures.

> But during your installation the hfsprogs package couldn't be located,
> making `mk-hfs-bootstrap` unable to perform its task which also makes
> `d-i/grub-installer` exiting before finishing the GRUB installation.

hfsprogs should be in /target or grub-installer should install it there
if it's not in /target yet. But again, grub-ofpathname needs to be fixed
but I don't have the time.


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