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Re: Switching debian-installer CD images to GRUB

On 5/1/19 5:52 AM, Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:
> Certainly if there were some funding available, this is something that I could look
> at if required. Currently my free time is limited (and already fairly busy) but with
> sponsorship there is the potential to allocate time within the working week.
> I must say I'm surprised that HFS+ doesn't boot - certainly I see images in QEMU that
> require both, and OpenBIOS has booted them successfully for many years.

I just noticed that HFS support is required either way as the boot CDs for m68k Macs
also come with an HFS partition. At least debian-cd currently uses that not sure
whether it's actually necessary after all. I will look at m68k later though, let's
focus powerpc/ppc64 first.

As for the funding, we could maybe use Bountysource [1]. I would guess we would
certainly get enough money together with some advertisements on reddit and similar
social media. After all, this would mean we can finally get rid of cdrkit in
Debian and other distributions.


> [1] https://www.bountysource.com/

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