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Re: Switching debian-installer CD images to GRUB

On 29/04/2019 11:08, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

> Hi Thomas!
> On 4/29/19 9:41 AM, Thomas Schmitt wrote:
>> John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
>>> Btw, I was wondering how much it would take to add HFS support to
>>> xorriso but I guess the necessary changes are so extensive which
>>> is why it's not been done yet.
>> I obtained (hopefully complete) HFS specs and had to learn that it is
>> not easily implementable as downgraded version of HFS+.
> That's a pity, indeed.
>> libisofs got HFS+ with nearly no own effort from Validmir Serbinenko
>> because he needed it for grub-mkrescue. But he had no motivation for HFS.
> Ah, too bad. But I guess he was primarily interested in x86 Macs.
>> (Does GRUB2 support old 32-bit powerpc at all ?)
> Yes, it does. But as far as I know, 64-bit PowerMacs aren't any different
> than 32-bit PowerMacs when it comes to the firmware as long as the 32-bit
> Macs are using NewWorld ROMs.
>> So it is about the ratio of my motivation and the expectable pain to
>> squeeze another filesystem tree into libisofs and to find test cases.
> What about a funding? I would actually be willing to shell out some money
> for that if someone worked on implementing HFS support.

Certainly if there were some funding available, this is something that I could look
at if required. Currently my free time is limited (and already fairly busy) but with
sponsorship there is the potential to allocate time within the working week.

I must say I'm surprised that HFS+ doesn't boot - certainly I see images in QEMU that
require both, and OpenBIOS has booted them successfully for many years.



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