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Re: Tests on new 2019-04-09 image on PPC64

Il 10/04/19 18:02, Dennis Clarke ha scritto:
> On 4/10/19 7:45 AM, aggaz wrote:
>> Following the attempts previously done [1], an expert install was
>> performed using the new 2019-04-09 images on a PowerMac11,2.
>> This time everything was kept as default except that:
>> 1. the network-console component was manually added to be able to
>> install by SSH;
>> 2. the windfarm module was manually loaded by "modprobe -v
>> windfarm_core";
> The fans all roar. However given that this is during installation should
> anyone care?

Honestly silent fans help me, especially in this moment of
experimentation where several attempts are required.


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