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Re: Tests on new 2019-04-09 image on PPC64

On 4/10/19 7:45 AM, aggaz wrote:
Following the attempts previously done [1], an expert install was
performed using the new 2019-04-09 images on a PowerMac11,2.

This time everything was kept as default except that:
1. the network-console component was manually added to be able to
install by SSH;
2. the windfarm module was manually loaded by "modprobe -v windfarm_core";

The fans all roar. However given that this is during installation should
anyone care?

3. permissions for mkhfs-bootstrap.sh were changed to be able to run the
script (chmod 755 /usr/lib/grub-installer/mkhfs-bootstrap.sh)

Not sure why this is needed.

4. the usual debian-ports mirrors were manually added as already
described in [1].

Guided partitioning for the whole disk was used which gave the following
partition table:

SCSI4 (0,0,0) (sdc) - 163.9 GB ATA Maxtor 6L160M0
#1     32.3 kB                    Apple
#2     20.0 MB  B  K  boot        untitled
#3    160.4 GB     f  ext4        untitled      /
#4      3.6 GB     f  swap        swap          swap
        512.0 B        FREE SPACE

After changing the permissions of mkhfs-bootstrap.sh GRUB was properly
installed. During GRUB's installation I was asked by the installer:
"Force GRUB installation to the EFI removable media path?"
I was unsure about what to reply and I kept the default "NO".

OKay .. so the script you chmod'ed above was merely not executable and
that is what borks the GRUB phase. So that is a minor tweak to the

Installation was correctly finished and after reboot I had grub showing up.
Newly installed system was booted but not correctly.
Systemd waited a while for "a start job is running for /dev/sdc2" (the
partition where GRUB was installed).
Then I saw:
[DEPEND] Dependency failed for File System Check on /dev/sdc2.
[DEPEND] Dependency failed for /boot/grub.
[DEPEND] Dependency failed for Local File Syestem.

After that I find myself in an "emergency mode" with a "Give root
password for maintenance" message.

I wanted to see my partitions, but it seems that the "mac-fdisk" command
is not installed.
I installed it by apt and saw that the partition table was as expected.
Then I installed "hfsutils" package and rebooted.

After reboot I had the same issues.

In conclusion, it seems that it is possible to install GRUB with the new
scripts, but something is still missing for actually using it.

Glad you made better progress than I.


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