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Re: baffled .. the 2019-01-27 debian-10.0-ppc64-NETINST-1.iso not bootable

On 4/6/19 4:00 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> On 4/6/19 8:19 PM, Dennis Clarke wrote:
>> I just did a quick test here and ran into an inability to partition the
>> internal disk.
>> You can listen to me rambling about this at :
>>     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQwwexSvpY0
>> Just skip ahead to the 3:45 time mark and we can see partition process
>> is not there.
> Your video description is not correct. d-i does not use parted
> but libparted. The correct command is "partman":
> These files are part of partman-base which is shipped on the ISO (I just
> verified that).
> Adrian

OKay .. I don't know what is wrong but neither expert mode or just
regular "install" seems to be able to detect a disk nor run a partition
tool.  However the /dev/sdaX links are in place. No idea.

Also, and this is more important, your work is not only exceptional but
vastly appreciated. Pay no attention to my frustrated tone as that is
just me *trying* to move forwards and do testing and get a machine
running. You are doing very valuable work and I really understand that
it may feel like a silly treadmill to run upon. Many machines. Multiple
architectures. Why?  Why even bother with old sparc?  Well the last
thing I want in this world is a place where only x86 exists. That would
be criminal. I am happy to see the concept of RISC-V but we all know
there is no hardware. Yet. There are emulators like qemu which seem to
work fairly well for RISC-V and possibly even ppc64 for a variety of
machine specs.  All of this is *needed* in the computer world.  I have
worked on Sparc systems for at least twenty years and I am still baffled
at 4AM in the morning why bother test a new Apache apr release on
Solaris?  Mostly because I don't want a world run by a single
perspective and a single manufacturer. So people need to be there, good
people, doing good work. Also I have arm boards and a collection of
Apple PowerMac boxen kicking around and even an old DEC Alpha server. I
happen to really like the IBM power cpu approach. It is a great system
architecture and let's face it .. the most powerful machine in the world
is IBM Power9 with NVidia and all running Linux. Sadly Red Hat but let's
not go there.

Anyways ... I am rambling again.

Trying to say "thank you".


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