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Re: baffled .. the 2019-01-27 debian-10.0-ppc64-NETINST-1.iso not bootable

On 4/6/19 3:00 PM, Frank Scheiner wrote:
> On 4/6/19 20:19, Dennis Clarke wrote:
>> I just did a quick test here and ran into an inability to partition the
>> internal disk.
>> You can listen to me rambling about this at :
>>      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQwwexSvpY0
>> Just skip ahead to the 3:45 time mark and we can see partition process
>> is not there.
> Not sure what's wrong here, but you could try to install additional
> udebs at the step where you can select the netconsole for installation.
> IIRC there should be a udeb for parted.

I did that. I always do that in fact.

> The installer interface nowadays uses screen, so you should be able to
> switch the screens with "ctrl + a" and "n" (next) or "p" (previous) or
> just the number of the screen.

Even with remote ssh ?

> The (error) message when the partitioning step is started could be
> helpful for debugging.

Well I just tried the installer in basic trivial mode ( install and not
install32 from boot ) and the network config is broken and the detect
disks and partition stage isn't working at all.

> With the screen commands you can switch to screen #4 and copy the
> messages from the log ("ctrl + a" and "esc" to activate scrolling
> through the buffer with "up/down" or "page up/down") instead of
> "copying" it from the glass console.

I will give that a try.


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