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Re: debian-10.0-powerpc-NETINST-1.iso from 18 May 2018


Holding down the left mouse button at the chime also works. Disc tray should pop right out.

"Windows", "Apple", and "Command" all mean the same thing in that they are the Super key. ...Which is a mystery to me when "Control" or "Control + Alt" have much more significance in the normal keyboard world. Aside from OS X, all I've ever really seen the Super key do is open your Applications menu, but that might just be me.

Nice sources.list, by the way. I usually just take out the CD entry in every new install. It doesn't always serve much purpose, and it aesthetically clutters the file.


On Fri, 2019-04-05 at 18:31 -0400, Dennis Clarke wrote:
On 4/5/19 6:22 PM, Dennis Clarke wrote:

Anyone know off-hand the vulkan hand grip key sequence to get a PowerMac
G5 to open the DVD tray at power on?  With a PC keyboard it may be some
weird combination of ALT-F12_shift_face_east_and_pray ??


Figured it out ... hold ALT+Windows_key+O+F at power on to get
 Openfirmware and then just "eject cd" at the ok prompt.

I have no idea what the "Windows_key" thing is mapped to in the sane
normal keyboard world.


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