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Re: from scratch install of ibook

Hi Adrian!

first the good news, the CD boots... and appears to work.
Now to the more difficult things.

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
Yes, I'm aware of the issues with Yaboot which is why we want to get rid of it.

It's unfortunately a bit tricky to get GRUB usable out-of-the-box on PPC Macs
as compared to IBM PPC machines.

I did not find the tutorials and just accepted everything the installer proposed, inclusing partition sizes.

I tihnk to remember that the default partition sizes were for yaBoot and too small for GRUB, however yaboot issues seem fixed. Read below.

Moreover there wasn't any valid entry in /etc/apt.d/sources.list
This will be resolved once we build updated installation images which are
based on Debian Ports.

I think I hit this issue earlier. I am using your netinst CD, thus I suppose that eventually I need to download stuff from other mirrors.

During mirror selection I tried selecting different servers in Italy or Germany and all fail. I checked in console 4 the log and see
"invalid Architectures in Release file for sid"

Of course, we don't want sid for PPC anymore, right?

Anyway, I yielded a booting system! that's also still a nice thing.
Yaboot works!

X doesn't work... some Xorg failure.. but that's a different issue, let's check base abd boot stuff 100% first.


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