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from scratch install of ibook

Hi all!

I extra bought another used iBook to test to do some PPC development... now G4 instead of the ol' G3 which as too little ram, even if I love the old clamshell. So I need to install "from scratch"

However, where do I get media for installing it and what is the recommended way?  CD? USB key? The old clamshell did not boot from USB key.

Starting from: https://www.debian.org/ports/powerpc/#powerpc
32bit PPC is of course in the dust.

Also, since it is a from scratch install, I can test installing GRUB instead of Yaboot, since I can decide all partition sizes and also I don't risk destroying anything. I am not interested in dual booting.

A reference to trying out that (or if the instalelr does all by itself for that too.. then, even better).



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