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Re: apt-file

On 9/30/18 12:33 AM, Elimar Riesebieter wrote:
> Due to my sources.list I am running sid arch=powerpc. Anyway, can one

I can sometimes miss details, hence it's better if people just say
what they are running.

> search files with apt-file like
> $ apt-file search mocp
> $ apt-file search parted
> $ apt-file search vlc
> $ apt-file search firefox
> $ apt-file search ......
> Response here is empty.
All those packages except for firefox - which is "out-of-date" - have
been built for powerpc, so there is nothing wrong on the powerpc side.

I suggest you talk to the apt-file maintainer and ask what the problem
with his tool is because as maintainers of Debian Ports, we don't have
an insight how particular tools work.

I assume it's related to the fact that the database for powerpc seems
corrupted on packages.debian.org, see for example:

> https://packages.debian.org/unstable/vlc

But this is something that needs to be fixed by the site maintainers,
the apt-file author probably knows whom to talk to.


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