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Re: PowerMac G5 fans run out of control with kernel 4.17.0-3-powerpc64 but not with 4.16.0-1-powerpc64

On 2018-09-03 9:43 p.m., Dennis Clarke wrote:
> Seems to work fine so long as there is a monitor attached at boot time.
> If there isn't then the whole system goes into loud windfarm mode and is
> a warm brick.

This is due to yaboot's ofboot.b script hanging if no display connection
is detected. See
for background.

Possible solutions:

* Using GRUB instead of yaboot?

* Removing the "screen" line from the ofboot.b script.

* Connecting something to a display output. With my G5, connecting just
a DVI-to-VGA adapter to a DVI port was enough to avoid the problem, no
actual monitor required.

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