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Re: [PATCH v2 4/5] Patch the CHRP boot script

Hi Frank!

Sorry for my brevity, currently on mobile but one question:

How did you determine the OF pathname when you installed GRUB manually on your Macs? And can’t we just use this mechanism?

And, I agree, depending on any Yaboot components is a no-go. If GRUB has bugs, we need to report them and fix them. I cannot merge any patches to grub-installer which add Yaboot dependencies.


> On Nov 18, 2017, at 8:49 PM, Frank Scheiner <frank.scheiner@web.de> wrote:
> Hi Mathieu,
>> On 11/18/2017 06:32 PM, Mathieu Malaterre wrote:
>> Well that's surprising. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I've
>> filled #882076 and forwarded upstream.
> Sorry for not being specific enough, but grub-ofpathname is currently not shipped in any GRUB package for powerpc or ppc64. I only tested a manually compiled version after installing Debian Sid on my PowerMac11,2.
> As I recognized that ofpathname is called from GRUB code:
> ```
> ## E.g. result for `grub-install [...]` on a PowerMac7,3 from just now:
> root@powermac-g5-2:~# grub-install -v --macppc-directory=/boot/grub
> [...]
> grub-install: info: copying `/boot/grub/powerpc-ieee1275/core.elf' -> `/boot/grub/grub'.
> grub-install: info: copying `/usr/lib/grub/powerpc-ieee1275/grub.chrp' -> `/boot/grub/System/Library/CoreServices/BootX'.
> grub-install: info: copying `/boot/grub/powerpc-ieee1275/core.elf' -> `/boot/grub/System/Library/CoreServices/grub.elf'.
> grub-install: info: rendering label debian 2.02-2.
> grub-install: info: label rendered.
> grub-install: info: drive = 0.
> grub-install: info: the size of hostdisk//dev/sda is 1953525168.
> grub-install: info: blessing /boot/grub/System/Library/CoreServices.
> grub-install: info: blessed.
> grub-install: info: Looking for /dev/sda2.
> grub-install: info: executing ofpathname --version </dev/null >/dev/null.
> /usr/sbin/ofpathname: line 812: warning: command substitution: ignored null byte in input
> grub-install: info: executing nvsetenv boot-device /ht@0,f2000000/pci@7/k2-sata-root@c/scsi@0/sd@0,0:2,\\BootX.
> Installation finished. No error reported.
> ## The above warning output is not from the `ofpathname --version [...]`
> ## call, as this call gives no output at all, not even on stderr
> root@powermac-g5-2:~# ofpathname --version </dev/null >/dev/null
> root@powermac-g5-2:~#
> ```
> ...to set the OF path for the boot-device NVRAM variable but fails to give a working OF path:
> ```
> ## Trying to boot from this path in OF gives:
> 0 > boot  can't OPEN: /ht@0,f2000000/pci@7/k2-sata-root@c/scsi@0/sd@0,0:2,\\BootX
> Can't open device or file
> 0 > _
> ```
> ...I searched for alternatives and recognized that there is code for a grub-ofpathname tool in an ieee1275 subdirectory of the GRUB repo (see [1]). I compiled that tool and tried to see if maybe this tool translates device nodes correctly to OF paths, but it didn't. Hence I fell back to the available ofpath tool, which worked correctly.
> [1]: http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/grub.git/tree/util/ieee1275/grub-ofpathname.c
> I originally assumed that grub-install would also use the output of ofpathname to set "&device;" and "&partition;" in the CHRP boot script ("BootX", see [2] for the template), but this doesn't seem the case, as it looks like the file gets installed as is, as I just found out.
> [2]: http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/grub.git/tree/grub-core/boot/powerpc/grub.chrp.in
> I fail to understand how people
>> would install grub on ppc64 if grub-ofpathname does not return the
>> correct path.
> With the current d-i/grub-installer code (v1.146 without my patches) GRUB cannot be installed on powerpc/newworld or ppc64/newworld target machines.
> It only works for ppc64el machines and ppc64/chrp and related machines thanks to patches from Adrian. And as ofpathname is from powerpc-ibm-utils it might just work for these machines, so no complains from users.
> Cheers,
> Frank

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