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Re: [PATCH v2 4/5] Patch the CHRP boot script

Hi Mathieu,

On 11/18/2017 01:17 PM, Mathieu Malaterre wrote:
Hi Frank,

On Sat, Nov 18, 2017 at 11:52 AM, Frank Scheiner <frank.scheiner@web.de> wrote:
This patch requires the ofpath tool which is part of the yaboot package,
as both ofpathname (part of powerpc-ibm-utils package) and
grub-ofpathname (not available packaged but part of the GRUB source
code) do not translate a given device node into a working OF path on
type 11,2 and 7,3 G5 Power Macs.

Sorry if this sound silly, but are you sure you want to use a tool
from the yaboot package, while the original intent is to get rid of
the yaboot package ?

I originally didn't knew that the ofpath tool was part of the yaboot package. It was available in-target when starting the GRUB installation in expert mode (i.e. despite skipping the yaboot installation) hence I assumed it might be part of some DEB package installed by default on ppc64 and in addition it also was the only device-node-to-OF-path-translation-tool that worked "correctly" for the tested G5 Power Macs, so I just used it.

E.g. for /dev/sda ofpathname returned "/ht@0,f2000000/pci@9/k2-sata-root@c/scsi@0/sd@0,0" while devalias in OF says it's "/ht/pci@9/k2-sata-root/k2-sata@0/disk@0".

And for /dev/sda2:

* I unfortunately don't have a result for ofpathname currently

* grub-ofpathname returned "/ht@0,f2000000/pci@9/k2-sata-root@c/disk@0:b" which didn't work

* ofpath returned "/ht@0,f2000000/pci@9/k2-sata-root@c/@0/@0:2" which worked

It's of course not ideal, and we should maybe try to fix either ofpathname or grub-ofpathname or include ofpath (which btw is just a shell script) in another package (e.g. grub-installer already has an additional tool for PReP boot devices or integration in powerpc-ibm-utils (for ppc64/newworld alone) or powerpc-utils (for both powerpc/ and ppc64/newworld).

Up until now yaboot was the "only" boot loader for powerpc and ppc64, so it made some sense to include ofpath there (also because it came from the same developer). With an additional boot loader, it would IMHO make more sense to include ofpath in another DEB package to be able to share it's functionality.


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