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Re: Firefox 51.0.1-1 on Debian Sid/experimental PowerPC (PPC32): Segmentation fault


On 02/06/2017 10:39 PM, Christian Zigotzky wrote:
> I installed Firefox 51.0.1-1 with 'apt-get install -t experimental firefox'
> on Debian Sid/experimental PowerPC (PPC32) today.

Just as a warning in advance: Mozilla upstream has decided to make the Rust
programming language mandatory for Firefox 54 onwards [1].

Unfortunately, Mozilla currently has little interest to support Rust non-x86
platforms in a stable manner which is why the Rust compiler rustc is currently
really usable on i386, amd64 and with some luck on arm64 [2].

Thus, it can be expected that Firefox 54 and newer will no longer run on
any PowerPC platforms, especially 32-bit variants.

It's a sad state but Mozilla upstream has decided to make this cut which
will also eventually see the removal of XUL support and hence the support
for most of the popular Addons that exist in Firefox like Vimperator.


> [1] https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1284816
> [2] http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-rust-maintainers/Week-of-Mon-20161226/000758.html

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