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Moving powerpc to Debian Ports


Since Debian powerpc was recently announced to be removed as a release architecture,
I would like to formally request to move the port to Debian Ports as there still seems
to be quite some demand among users [1].

My suggestion would be to set up some instances on IBM's POWER cloud (hence CC'ing Breno
who has been so kind to provide cloud instances to support the ppc64 port with the
hope that he'd be willing to do the same for powerpc). I'm also CC'ing James Clarke
who's maintaining a fork of DSA's puppet configuration for the buildds and who can help
setting up the new buildd instances for Debian powerpc as a Debian Ports architecture.

As with the other architectures in Debian Ports, I suggest providing shared wanna-build
access among all Debian Ports maintainers (CC'ing everyone involved).

I really want to keep Debian powerpc maintained for the foreseeable future because I
don't want to disappoint our users who are still using PowerPC hardware.



> [1] https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/5acfj4/debian_drops_support_for_powerpc/

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