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Re: Debian 8.6 fails startup for Apple PPCs

On Sun, Oct 23, 2016 at 05:46:58PM -0800, Kristen wrote:
> So then I must ask this question, given that Gnome fails to work for
> PowerPC, at least for Apple computers. Why is it that during the install
> process is Gnome even listed as a desktop environment to install?
> Does Gnome need to be compiled on Apple PPCs for it to run?

Putting knowledge of which video cards support which features is not
the job of the installer.

There almost certainly exist powerpc systems with video cards that could
run gnome 3.x.

It is not a question of where it is compiled, but rather of the level
of opengl required by gnome.  That makes any older video card a problem,
even on a PC.

Len Sorensen

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