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Re: Power Mac G5: Attempting to get 2D acceleration with nouveau and 6800 Ultra

Hi Peter,

It looks like events have caught up with us.  There’s now a 4.5.0 kernel in Debian testing and strong hints that the kernel in Stretch, when it’s released, will be based on 4.6.  So your reconfigured 4.5.0-rc2 kernel is getting out-of-date.

Which raises a couple of questions:
Is there any chance that your changes could make it into an official Debian package?  Seems unlikely to me — because it’s very hardware specific — but we can always hope!

Do you have plans to make a 4.6 based kernel any time?

And finally, is there a hardware solution?  Is there a non-Nvidia graphics card I could purchase and install in my PowerMac-G5 that wouldn’t have the problem?   I don’t need anything fancy.  Just enough to run a simple 2D mate or xfce desktop.

From all of us who have benefitted from your work, a big “Thank you!”


On Jan 14, 2016, at 12:42 AM, Peter Saisanas <psaisanas@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Logan,
> The kernel version is quite old (3.16.7). Perhaps you can try something newer. Nouveau continually has improvements practically with each newer kernel version.
> Perhaps something to consider, try the easy way out and use a pre-compiled kernel deb package that i have available. I have kernels as new as 4.4.0 available suitable for Powermac G5's.
> At least these could perhaps be a better baseline as these kernels are known to be working for many Powermac G5's (AGP & PCIe GPU's along with a few generations of nVidia GPU's (some even older than yours). Makes it easier to have a side by side comparison.
> Your call, link is below if interested.
> https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8pqd5Ots1vfT2puX09CYjEwcFk&usp=drive_web
> Many have used them successfully in the past and have got their G5 Powermacs running with nouveau.
> I'm not so sure that MSI interrupts are ever enabled on AGP GPU's in the first place (PCIe based GPU's are a different story).
> It would be interesting to see your cat /proc/interrupts log as well.
> Regarding your EDID issue, can you try the other DVI connector of your video card or cable or alternatively try another display out if the issue still persists.
> Most Apple OEM ATI Radeon GPU's have their own issues as well. But that's another story.
> Regards,
> Peter

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