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Sharpen your LARTs, n00b alert.

I'd have lurked for longer, but it's just /so/ quiet, so I'll ask a question or erm. more.

An AS/400 Model 250 a.k.a. IBM iSeries 9406-250, "Northstar" based, so PPC. right?, which seems to have wheedled its way into a space in the computer room.. (oh, Ok, One of the computer rooms!  ;-) )  rather than let it sit there looking forlorn, I thought it might be fun <cough> to put Linux on it, should that be possible.

Is it?

Would the ppc64 distro be the one to get?

Also, on the off-chance there is an AS/400 boff in here, what would be the easiest/cheapest way to get operations console functionality, without having to displace one of the lovely VT102 or BBC Model B boxes that serve so well here. I have "normal" Linux boxes, i.e. with PCI slots, a small fleet of raspberry pis, and am a dab hand with a soldering iron.

X Mark.

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