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Re: Bug#819069: dietlibc: FTBFS on powerpcspe due to missing FPU emulation in library

On Tue, Apr 05, 2016 at 11:07:00PM +0000, kaleb white wrote:
> I don't know that. OK, so why not buy an iBook G3? It's a 740 (like my Clamshell) and Debian would work.

Because the e500 core is a current embedded processor being used by some
people who would like to run debian on those systems.

It can not run powerpc code, and powerpc can't run powerpcspe code in many
cases (the fpu design is not compatible, but non fpu stuff generally is).

powerpcspe is 32bit power, but with 64bit registers and special signal
processing instructions that powerpc doesn't have.

Len Sorensen

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