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Re: PPC64 port status

hi guys im building all software and library with this flags on my cyrus+
mcpu=e5500 -mno-altivec -mtune=e5500
and can say im facing little increasing of performance here.
been build :
mesa 11.3 dev with llvm 38 
lib sdl2
host ubuntu mate 16.04
tested qemu-system-i386 with sdl2 Aros guest and i increase performances on the guest software.

on 5020 under debian 8.x im facing a strange issue i need math emulation as on in kernel or llightdm wont start.

Inviato da iPad

Inviato da iPad

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wbonnet@theitmakers.com wrote:
The current target is e5500, which means i rebuild packages with the following additionnal flags : -mcpu=e5500 -mno-altivec -mtune=e5500

Is there some more generic flags i could use ?

According to binutils, opcodes of e5500 is added to ones of Book E, and so on to POWER4.
Opcodes of Book E may not be able to be understood by except for Freescale CPUs.

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