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Re: Wheezy

Le vendredi 25 mars 2016 à 18:22 -0400, Steven Grunza a écrit :
> Since jessie doesn't seem to work with my flavor of iMac G5, is there
> a place from which I can download a previous version?  I think it was
> called wheezy.

Hello Steven,

>From my side, Jessie installation works OOB on iMac G5 rev B & C / 17 &
20 with Mate & XFCE desktop.
Some adjustements are needed to have Airport, sound, iSight working
(firewire is not fixed, a workaround is needed on video performance but
it is very acceptable).
I was be able to boot on a cd & usb key (support created on my wife's
iMac), see here (in French, sorry) :

If you really want to install Wheezy, see here :



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