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Re: A proposal and a challenge

Dear Joe,
I thank you to have contacted our team of Open Source PowerPC Notebook project, we have chosen the NXP (Freescale) e6500 core Power Architecture processor for our Notebook, few hundreds of people are already involved in some way in our project, in case you and the others people in the mailing list are interested in you can find more information on our website ( 7 languages available).


Have Fun!


Il 2015-12-02 18:39 Joe Nosay ha scritto:
I know that everyone is familiar with the one laptop per child
program; and, that is good. Let's take it one step further. The debian
team wants to build a powerpc laptop. FreeBSD is working on the POWER8
with the PPC team.
The problem is convincing IBM to publicly open the CPU for a good
What's the sale's pitch? Let it be for education.
Four operating systems on a single machine - the apm layout is capable
of doing it with a boot, main, and swap. That's only twelve spaces
Yes, it can be concentrated down to 64 GB.
What can be done with it?
It's a POWER machine, load-store, learn.
64 bit. How many free registers usually? About five? Yes?
Enough for one application. Two would do for the application and
Let's make it real. Two chips. Four processors each.
Running about 2.0 to 2.25 GHz.
Let the kernel match that. Debian at 1Khz - unless someone can do a
patch to make the kernel go  the necessary mile.
Open and Net BSD have their own thing; so, this is for FreeBSD for the
kernel rate. Latency should match frequency.

GRUB should be able to handle four options on a screen.

Oh, Open graphics and sound.
Accessibility. Development. Creativity.
Show it.

Let them know what it can do.

Sound. Music.

Art. Design.


Let them see it from the start to finish.

Make it affordable.

For students, children, people to learn.

All of you can do this.

Why not me?

I am not able to afford it.

Yet, the rest of you are able to do such.

It will pay for itself and you know it.

Don't reply, just think on it.

You know my requirements: Don't pay me, just do it.

And respect.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for taking the time to read this.
Enjoy life.

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