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Re: stretch installer broken

2015-11-11 17:59 GMT+01:00, Herminio Hernandez, Jr.
> I was planning on installing Stretch on my iBook G4. So I got my netinst cd
> and went through the install process. Everything was fine till I got to the
> section where I selected my mirrors. I chose the US/ftp.debian.org mirror
> and it failed so I tried the ftp.kernel.org and that failed as well. Then I
> tried the third on the list and I was able to connect and get my packages.
> The install completed, however when I rebooted the bootup froze. So I
> thought that it could my cd so I went and grabbed the latest stretch iso
> from the site.
> Yet again I ran into issues. The biggest was that I kept getting sent back
> to install menu to manually select what steps I wanted to do. I found this
> odd since normally the install will just walk you through. Then I ran into
> the same issues with mirrors. finally the install completed and I was
> rebooted. However the boot failed again, but this I got dropped into the
> initramfs shell.
> Has anyone else ran into this issue? Should I file this as bug with the
> debain-installer package?
> Herminio
I can't help too much.
The last distro wich has run out of the box for my G5 was debian6 squeezy.

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 lo que el agua es  para las ninfas"

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