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Re: Blank screen on Powermac

Original message from Alberto Mi, 2015-10-18 09:20:

> Thanks a lot, I am a bit newbe with Linux, could I do all the process with
> the same machine? How could I download the driver with the powermac that
> doesnt boot? I know Its too much, but could give me a step by step process?
> I really apreciate the help.
> powermi [at] gmail [dot] com


No problem!
First you need to  understand that you Mac actually does boot and works,
but you don't see it. The nouveau display driver is currently broken on
Open Firmware, and you Power Mac is based on Open Firmware, so… no picture!

On your machine, and if you only have this one, I am afraid that it
doesn't work that easy.

I can see two ways:
1) Get a LiveCD that works. Mount the root partition, copy the firmware
and change the boot configuration. Reboot.
2) Download Debian 7.7. Install it on the Power Mac. Since this works
normally, download the firmware and change the boot configuration in
Debian 7.7. After successful boot with the PC-VBIOS upgrade to Debian
8.2 or Debian stable or Debian testing or Debian unstable or whatever.

I need to know:
1) Is it possible for you to download the firmware on another computer?
Can you copy it onto a USB pen drive for use on the Mac?
2) Does your installation CD/DVD of Debian boot normally (with a working

I think the easiest way is to use the Debian installer CD, switch to a
virtual text terminal, mount the USB pen drive and the root partition
already installed and then a) copy the PC-VBIOS firmware to the root
partition and 2) change the kernel command line in yaboot.

Please report back with your answers.
Andreas  aka  Mac User #330250

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