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Re: nouveau modeset no longer works with kernel 4.0 on Power Mac G4

Peter Saisanas wrote on 2015-07-26, 15:47:
> Hi,
> I have posted a message on the debian powerpc mailing list recently
> regarding the nouveau issues along with creating a bug report for the
> nouveau developers to look into. Within the freedesktop nouveau bug
> report, a nouveau dev explains why it is failing to work in more
> recent kernels.
> Post below, link within for nouveau bug report.
> https://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2015/07/msg00026.html
> As a workaround, i have been able to get it up and running by using an
> equivalent x86 vga bios for the exact card that you have (in my case i
> have a Quadro FX4500). Not ideal, but gets you running till the bug
> gets fixed.
> Simply download the equivalent x86 vga bios for your particular card,
> save file within /lib/firmware.
> In my case i saved the x86 vga bios as quadro_fx4500.fw .
> pass the following option to the nouveau module (change the to the
> filename as saved within /lib/firmware).
> options nouveau config="NvBIOS=quadro_fx4500.fw"
> I have used this workaround on vanilla 4.1.2 kernel, it seemed to work
> for me on my pmac g5 quad with quadro fx4500 gpu.
> As mentioned, not a fix, but a workaround...
> Regards,
> Peter

Thanks, Peter!

This actually worked... Until this issue is fixed, I will use the PC
BIOS firmware for my flashed GeForce 6200.

Again thanks for the workaround!
Andreas  aka  Linux User #330250

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