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Re: debian base system on mac G5 - what next?

thanks thats a great tip!

i've tried re-installing several times and actually got the system to install all 3 options i.e. debian desktop environment, xfce, and system utilities

unfortunately when I rebooted the screen eventuallty went blank, presumably when X was started - trying again to install base system and use apt-get to install exactly what i need, but not sure if my display will ever work - maybe time for a new thread on that


On Fri, Jun 19, 2015 at 7:57 PM, <http@shaw.ca> wrote:
Dear Jonni,

It should be as straightforward as
# apt-get install xfce4
apt (and its cousin, aptitude) handles all dependencies automatically.

Ordinarily, the CD is excluded as a package source during the install - presumably, you want to use the CD to listen to CDs or watch DVDs or what have you after you've installed debian.  To include it, you would have to both uncomment the cdrom line in /etc/apt/sources.list and then run
# apt-get update
to let the package system scan it.

On 19/06/15 03:58 PM, Jonni O'Gorman wrote:

using debian-8.1.0-powerpc-xfce-CD-1.iso

I managed to get debian 8.1 installed on macG5 today after 3 attempts -
1) I ran into a problem the first time round when trying to install more
software - I chose all 3 options provided by the installer ie.Debian Destop
environment, xfce and system utilities - half way through it ran into a
problem reading from the disk so I had to reboot
2) I entered rescue at the boot prompt and started form there but there was
obviously a fault with the CD so I burned a new copy, got the base system
installed, installed yaboot and rebooted but my username/passwords didn't
work so again I rebooted
3) I entered install again at the boot prompt and installed the base system
-skipped installing any extra software, installed yaboot and now I have a
working base system

I'd like to install xfce which is on the CD

how can I easily intall packages from the CD, dpkg? what about dependencies?



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