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Re: apt-cdrom-install not found (?)

Hi, Which driver are you using ? I have Debian on my Apple G4, G5 and Acube machines and I don't have any problems with graphic driver and lxde. Try to look at your xorg config. Maybe it's broken. 

On 28 October 2014 08:48, Athanasios Anastasiou <athanastasiou@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello everyone

Thanks for the replies. Debian wheezy powerpc installed without any problems at all. I can't really control the writer's speed. I used a CDRW which listed only one speed (10x) but everything worked out alright in the end.

Unfortunately, I got a bit greedy and selected the LXDE desktop which boots properly all the way to the graphic environment and then into a black screen.

I tried to cycle through different graphic modes but I may be doing something wrong here, is it still Ctrl-Command- (plus or minus) to cycle through valid modes?

If i double click "enter" I can see the monitor flicking.

Worst case scenario would be to re-install, which I would like to avoid if possible.

All the best

On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 2:14 PM, gw-isJ-aB-superstar <gw-superstar@mp3groupie.de> wrote:
Try installing Debian (stable aka Wheezy), and in the installer it will let
you chose the server "tasks" (meta packages) you want, be sure to chose web
server, print server, etc. for your goals...

The old macs' CD drives can only read disks that were burned at very slow
speeds, so, I know you said before the cd had integrity, but it it may go
beyond that, so when you burn your Debian cd or net-installer cd, make sure it
was created at 1-4x

Debian user

On Monday 27 October 2014 12:36:03 Athanasios Anastasiou wrote:
> installation starts alright, scans for hardware and then starts
> downloading packages from the CDROM. Towards the end of this process it
> fails with something like "apt-cdrom-install could not be located for an
> unknown reason, installation is aborted". :(
> Here is what I have tried:
> 1) Checked the CD's integrity (pass)

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