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Re: How to get d-i udeb packages for hppa-only back into unstable?

On 05/02/2014 09:10 PM, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> Helge Deller dixit:
>> Can such a package be uploaded to debian master ftp if I go through
>> the standard ITP process?
> No.

Ok, I assumed that.
>> If not, is there a way to make this happen on debian-ports somehow? 
> Not in unstable, only in unreleased. We have the same problem
> on m68k with e.g. bootloader packages.

Yes, it's the bootloader packages on hppa too.

> This needs to be addressed on d-i side; we need better support
> for the dpo 'unreleased' suite there.

Sounds not very simple or clean.
How did you solved that on m68k then?

The only simple way I see is then to set up an own repository (cloned from debian-ports), add the packages there and then instruct the installer to load the installation packages from there. This is at least how I got it to work sucessfully once.

Alternatively one could play around with preseeding?


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