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How to get d-i udeb packages for hppa-only back into unstable?

Hello list,

maybe some can help me on this?

To be able to create a debian-install-cd two udeb packages (partman-palo and palo-installer - both are related to the bootloader of the hppa architecture) need to be in "unstable", since the debian-installer will not look in unreleased and unstable at the same time and as such the installer will not find those udebs. 
Side-note: Both packages were in the standard debian repo years back, but were dropped when hppa was dropped as official debian arch and moved to debian-ports.

My main problem:
Since both packages are intended for hppa only, the .changes file lists both as: 
  Architecture: source hppa

Can such a package be uploaded to debian master ftp if I go through the standard ITP process?
If not, is there a way to make this happen on debian-ports somehow? 


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