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Re: New architecture ppc64el on Debian

Hi, Breno

Breno Leitao wrote:
> Hi,
> Now that PowerPC was announced to have Little Endian support, I'd like to enable
> it on Debian, as a ppc64el architecture.

In the point of making architecture dependence 10890 source packages, 
which Debian has already had, correspond to any architectures,
I think it very good that ppc64el (powerpc64le) is added.
But the advantage of ppc64el cannot understand me well yet.
As Bastian has said, I want a little explanation about the advantage 
of little-endian PowerPC64, too.

> I have been working internally at IBM on a Debian rootfs that runs on this
> architecture. As a plan, I am looking, in general, to have this architecture
> included on sid, first, and then being moving towards stable.

I think it good that you carry out public porting at debian-ports.org as unofficial port at first.
Maybe, the results at debian-ports.org will be evaluated whether ppc64el should add to official ports.
Then, if ppc64el will be chosen as released port, ppc64el may go into stable. 

Debian Ports

> Unfortunately the process is still in the beginning and we will not have a machine
> for public access in the near term, although, this is one of our targets, as
> having two other buildd machines in different locations to support autobuilder.
> Should I take any concern before start submitting patches to enable this architecture?

I think that dpkg package must be made to correspond to new port, ppc64el.

Best regards,
Hiroyuki Yamamoto
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