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Re: Sound and BCM4318 wireless no longer working in Wheezy on late 2005 G5

On 14 August 2013 at 16:14 Shankar Gopalakrishnan <shankargopal@myfastmail.com>
> I had exactly this problem with an ibook G4 (i.e. the sound - no issues
> with wireless etc.)
> I fixed it by going to /etc/modprobe.d/ and removing all the snd-aoa module
> names from the list in alsa-blacklist (the file has some similar name; I'm not
> on that machine so I don't have it just now).  I then removed snd-powermac
> from /etc/modules and rebooted.  I got a mixer etc. working then.  I also
> installed pulseaudio, but that may or may not be required.
> I found the suggestion to do this here:
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ#Why_do_I_have_no_sound.3F
> There are a few other suggestions there, they may also help.
> The incorrect blacklist appears to have been introduced recently, which would
> explain why the upgrade caused the problem.

Hi Shankar,

Thanks for the pointer to the information about the snd-aoa modules. With the
snd_powermac module blacklisted and the aoa ones in /etc/modules, I got sound
working under unstable. At that point everything was working properly again
(Broadcom 4318 wireless, sound and the fans). As unstable was living up to its
name, I did a clean reinstall of Wheezy. I again blacklisted snd_powermac, and
set my /etc/modules to the following:

# load Broadcom BCM4318 driver
# fix issue with fans running at full blast
# load AOA drivers

Under Wheezy, sound and the fans now work perfectly. The Broadcom wireless isn't
working, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that as the kernel in Sid transitions
to testing and stable, that it will work again then.



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