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Re: IBM 7025-F50

On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 05:33:06PM +0300, Gasha wrote:
> I will try some debian installs on it.
> For some unknown reason, i like unix boxes :)
> So far i tried debian on HP 720, SUN 10, IBM p710 LPAR.
> I also have one INDY/MIPS, SUN BLADE 1000 waiting for linux.
> And nearby is one HP L2000 and one HP rx4000 series server as candidates.

I have the same problem.

Dec station 5000 mipsel boxes, a few sgi indigos, some alphas, some
sun 3s.  I had some sparcs but they were all broken so I got rid of them.

At work we have a p710 and a p520 running as powerpc build boxes with
debian on the bare metal.

Len Sorensen

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