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Re: IBM 7025-F50

On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 12:11:57PM +0300, Gasha wrote:
> I can get old IBM 7025-F50 box.
> Is there any chance to put any recent kernel on to it?
> I saw only reports to install debian 3.0 / sarge
> Are there any hidden problems?

Looking up the specs, I don't see any obvious reason it shouldn't work
even with a current release.  It is a CHRP powerpc machine with open
firmware.  Perfectly normal it seems.

I would give it a try if you have one.

Obviously at 332MHz 604e it won't be fast.  Also depends whether it has
128MB ram, or has been expanded to a more resonable amount.  Obviously
having more than 1 cpu would be nice.

Len Sorensen

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