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Re: All Fonts White

I have the same problem, but by default there is no xorg.conf file...

Can I somehow generate one for my configuration?



On Jan 23, 2013, at 2:35 PM, Dan DeVoto wrote:

Just to add one last thing, with the radeon driver you can use:

Option    "AccelMethod"    "XAA"

in your xorg.conf instead of "NoAccel" "True". This solved the font issue for me and preserved 2d acceleration.

--- On Fri, 1/18/13, Dan DeVoto <dand1972@yahoo.com> wrote:

What graphics driver are you using?  I had a similar
problem on a Sawtooth with an ATI 9000 with the text
displaying as a very light purple.  The only solution I
found was to use the NoAccel option for the "radeon" driver
in my xorg.conf.  Of course, after that I had a slow as
molasses desktop.

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