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Not able to install yaboot into debian live image


I'm having some troubles to get a live cd image to boot into qemu
ppc64 emulator with IBM OpenFirmware. I will also need to use this
image on a IBM pServer.

I used the Debian live build tool to create the .iso image.
The options that Debian build system uses to generate the .iso are:

--netatalk -hfs -probe -map"
--chrp-boot -part -no-desktop"
-hfs-volid Debian/Live_powerpc"

According to the source here:

This is was CD structure:

root at debianppc:/build/binary# ls -R
live  md5sum.txt  yaboot

filesystem.packages         initrd.img-2.6.32-5-powerpc
filesystem.packages-remove  initrd.img-2.6.32-5-powerpc64
filesystem.squashfs         vmlinux-2.6.32-5-powerpc

boot.msg  hfs.map  ofboot.b  pegasos  yaboot  yaboot.conf

I couldn't make SLOF load any file.
I was able to create another iso file using this command:

genisoimage -joliet-long -jigdo-template-compress bzip2 -r -V 'Debian
6.0.6 ppc 1' -o build.iso --iso-level 4 --netatalk -hfs -probe -map
binary/yaboot/hfs.map -hfs-parms MAX_XTCSIZE=2656248 --chrp-boot -part
-no-desktop --hfs-bless binary/yaboot -hfs-volid debian  binary/

I also created /etc/yaboot.conf

I was able to start yaboot but I need to execute "boot
cdrom:/yaboot/yaboot" in order to load it. How can I make this start

qemu-system-ppc64  -m 1024 -M pseries -cdrom build.iso -boot d -nographic
Warning: Disabling some instructions which are not emulated by TCG (0x0, 0x6)

SLOF **********************************************************************
QEMU Starting
 Build Date = Oct 16 2012 12:55:48
 FW Version = mockbuild@(private build)
 Press "s" to enter Open Firmware.

Populating /vdevice methods
Populating /vdevice/vty at 1000
Populating /vdevice/l-lan at 1001
Populating /vdevice/v-scsi at 1002
VSCSI: Initializing
VSCSI: Looking for devices
  8200000000000000 CD-ROM   : "QEMU     QEMU CD-ROM      1.2."
Populating /pci at 800000020000001
 Adapters on 0800000020000001
No NVRAM common partition, re-initializing...
Using default console: /vdevice/vty at 1000

  Welcome to Open Firmware

  Copyright (c) 2004, 2011 IBM Corporation All rights reserved.
  This program and the accompanying materials are made available
  under the terms of the BSD License available at

Trying to load:  from: cdrom ...
E3404: Not a bootable device!

E3407: Load failed

        ..`. ..     .......  ..           ......      .......
    ..`...`''.`'. .''``````..''.       .`''```''`.  `''``````
       .`` .:' ': `''.....  .''.       ''`     .''..''.......
         ``.':.';. ``````''`.''.      .''.      ''``''`````'`
         ``.':':`   .....`''.`'`...... `'`.....`''.`'`
        .`.`'``   .'`'`````.  ``''''''  ``''`'''`. `'`
  Type 'boot'  and press return  to  continue  booting  the system.
  Type 'reset-all'  and  press  return  to   reboot   the   system.

0 > boot cdrom:\yaboot\yaboot
Trying to load:  from:
/vdevice/v-scsi at 1002/cdrom at 8200000000000000:\yaboot\yaboot ...
Successfully loaded

Config file read, 608 bytes

Welcome to Debian GNU/Linux!

This is a Debian Live CDROM,
built on 20130221.

The default option is 'live'.

If the system fails to boot at all (the typical
symptom is a white screen which doesn't go away),
append 'video=ofonly' or use 'live-failsafe'.

The plain options are for the powerpc family of
processors (from 601 to G4). The *64 options are for
64bit powerpc processors, which include the IBM
Power3, Power4, Power5, ... boxes, as well as the
Apple G5 boxes. Press the tab key for a list of
options, or type 'help' for help.

If in doubt, just press enter, and if that
doesn't work, try 'live video=ofonly'.
Welcome to yaboot version 1.3.13
Enter "help" to get some basic usage information


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